Snackboon – Snackboon

Every month, we source a variety of NEW, trending, healthy snacks for everyone in the family.
Ranging from large brand suppliers to small startups from around the world,
our boxes are packed with: Vegan, Organic, Gluten-Free, Low Sugar, and Healthy Energizing snacks.
The fun packed favorite snacks are delivered straight to your home every month.


We develop a snack pipeline based on the
information you provided and select the latest,
healthy, natural products right for you, your family,
and the planet. We deliver right to your doorstep.

Open your box and enjoy the snacks
our nutritionists have carefully curated
for you or your family.

Please give us your feedback so that we
can personalize your snacking experience.


shows that the product has been
allowed to develop naturally without
chemicals, pollutants or other undue


means that the item is completely
free of ingredients derived from
gluten-containing cereals: wheat,
barley, rye, and triticale, as
well as gluten as a food additive.


denotes that no animal or animal
by-products have been used in this
item, and reassures you that the
products have not been tested on animals.


denotes that businesses and
products have a positive impact on
the community and a strong social
responsibility towards people and
the planet.

Choose from our Snackboon healthy snack family box, which can be personalized for adults, kids or both.
Discover the box that suits you:


5% of Snackboon profits will be donated to malnourished
children in Venezuela, because “Sharing is Caring”


We are a tailored snack subscription service designed to benefit families who want to consume the
right nutritious snacks, by customizing a selection of various snacks that will depend on the particular
nutritional needs of your family.

Snackboon offers a healthy alternative for the entire family for the “in-between” meal times which are
fundamental in balancing the right energy intake and healthy physical development.

1How many snacks will I receive in the box?
Every box is different, but always between 7 and 12 unique brands are featured in each box.
2What forms of payment do you accept?
All major credit cards are accepted.
3How much does shipping cost?
We use USPS Priority Mail 2-3 Day. The cost is included in the price. Please note, the postal service is very delayed at the moment due to COVID-19. Please bear with us.
4How do you deliver my box?
Our aim is to dispatch all orders within 2 working days. All orders placed before 10 a.m. will usually be dispatched the same day, and orders placed on Saturday or Sunday will be dispatched on Monday (excluding holidays).
5Return Policy
If there is a problem with an item or wish to return any snacks, please contact us at Refunds usually take 5-10 days.
6Are the Gluten-Free and Vegan snacks guaranteed Gluten-Free or Vegan?
While we only include products that are either certified GF or Vegan or use only ingredients that are GF or Vegan, we cannot guarantee that all products are free from trace elements or gluten or any animal products due to the manufacturing facilities that manufacturers may use. We recommend that you always read the labels and packaging before consuming our snacks.
7What if we don’t like something included in our box?
Please let us know! We take feedback very seriously and use it to shape the direction of our business.
8Do you provide snacks for people with allergies?
If you have an allergy in your household please email me with the details to with your specific requirements, and we can do our best to select the proper snacks. You will still be responsible for checking the ingredients on each packaged item, including ‘may contain’ info as we cannot guarantee all snacks are 100% free of the allergen.
9Can I choose what snacks come in my Snackboon box?
Please don’t spoil the fun! Our job is to fill your box with special surprises according to our nutritionist selection process so that you will get the best natural and wholesome snacks from around the world.
10Can I speak to someone at Snackboon?
We currently don’t have phone support. As an online company, we work via email rather than by phone, and we have a Customer Care Assistant available to answer any questions you may have.
Many of the answers to your questions can be found in this FAQ. If you still need help after reviewing these answers, then feel free to send us an email at or fill out our Contact Us form below. We aim to process questions ASAP!
11What if I get a box and some of the products are damaged?
While we do what we can to ensure that the products will reach you in perfect condition, occasionally products do get damaged. If this happens to one of your Snackboon boxes, take a photo of the damaged product and send it along with your name and email address to

Our marketplace has a growing selection of the best
low-sugar, GMO-Free, gluten-free, healthy, all-natural,
vegan, and fortified snacks for the whole family!
We seek out only the best & most healthy snacks
from around the world to pack in your Snackboon!